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01. Power engineering

02. Oil and gas sector 

03.  Hi-tech industry

01. Renewed energy

02. Medicine

03. Technological innovation





Technology-enabled products and services

Technology plays a mission-critical role in every aspect of the energy industry, from research and development to digital transformation and sustainability initiatives. We understands the needs of companies operating in the energy sector and offers various conditions for renting and leasing equipment.

Equipment for drilling onshore or offshore, for exploration and production, for processing and cleaning natural gas, for petrochemicals and fine chemicals

We build strong relationships with our customers and offer leasing solutions to help you maximize your budget and improve process efficiency throughout the lifecycle of your equipment

01. Onshore drilling rigs

02. Offshore drilling rigs

03. Heavy lifting equipment

04. Bespoke engineering solutions

Digitalisation of energy sector

Digital solutions and systems to improve the efficiency of energy assets, to provide operational improvements, to meet the challenges of industrial safety, improve efficiency and support decarbonization goals

A new energy landscape calls for new digital technology

We provide intelligent engineering and digital products and solutions based on sensor system, cloud technology, real-time data analysis

01. Platform and rig monitoring

02. Pipeline monitoring systems

03. Solutions for automatic identification of personnel for HSE 

04. MES system for oil and gas industry

Technology as a business advantage

Looking into the future and forming well-considered ideas for business digital transformation

Today, digital powers virtually every move. And emerging technologies confer huge advantages

Our specialization is integrated solutions for various industries

01. Digital medicine solutions

02. Digital infrastructure solutions

03. Enterprise digital solutions

04. Semiconductor solutions

Energy transition

Digital technology and the use of data are huge enablers for reducing emissions and supporting the energy transition

Climate change is one of the main modern challenges. The energy sector includes the main sources of assemblies, including methane, CO2

We increase investments in green technologies, energy efficiency systems and renewable energy facilities

01. Reducing CO2 emissions

02. Carbon capture and storage

03. Renewable energy sources 

04. Smart Grids